The Great Social Evil is a research-based interdisciplinary and multiform collective, whose members live and work across the American and European continents. The main aim of the collective is to create a balance between ethics and aesthetics that transcend the studio walls and permeates the daily routine. Hidden histories within the official History (the one with capital H), intersectional feminism, radical self-care, and pleasure as origin and motor of the practice of both art and the everyday life.

       Over the next two years, we will build a performance practice based in embodied ensemble work focusing on pleasure, failure, and risk. In this research, we will engage with a myriad of sensorial choreographies, in which we aim to shift perception of the performers and audience through heightened experience of each sense. We will construct a large installation of various textiles, objects, and materials, which will double as garment, set and sculpture. We will play with the material as it lives in relation to body, architecture, and space. This research will work towards a durational performance installation that will premiere in 2018.